Rebuilding Communities Affected by Disaster


Hi all! We are again on the move. Next stop Poland! As you all know Ukraine is in midst of repelling an invasion and her women and children are fleeing. We are moving containers of dried food and essential needs for those fleeing. Plus sending some dried food back into Ukraine. Please donate what you can as the need is dire and will be even more so in days to come. We just need to raise the funds to move the containers.
❤️🇺🇦🙏🏼❤️. Every dollar is a step closer to putting this food into their hands.













Nov 2018

Please support our Fresh Start program!! Sidrs is proud to announce that from now on we will be providing three schools with breakfast every day!!

In Haiti nothing is free. Parents can barely afford to even send their children to elementary school and many go to school hungry! Hungry minds simply cannot concentrate!

Our lovely donor the Gleaners has stepped up! And donated as much dried fruit as we can move!

Each suitcase will hold 4500 meals! We need your help with shipping!!

Sponsor a bag with your fellow co workers!! And list what group or company and we will send you photos of these children benefiting from your generosity!

Laura Allan

Shelters International Disaster Response







Shelters International Disaster Response is a completely volunteer based grassroots organization that helps people recover from natural disasters.
 We help people in many ways, from reconstruction to cleaning wells to long term agriculture programs.
Last year our small  group  assisted both Puerto Rico and Haiti simultaneously!!
We sent 1,300,000 meals and enough seed to replant all of Puerto Rico to other volunteer groups like us to distribute
For Haiti ... 60,000 people were fed and over 400 farmers were given seed that will broaden not only the spectrum of food available to them but give them a much higher income as well . All organic  non GMO seed !!

This year with a little help --- Your help!! we will feed over 3,000,000 people and get them on their feet through supplying seed and teaching them how to get higher yields organically!!
Fuel for the farmers!!
What we need is funding for logistics so we  can deliver to areas that are in dire need of food and a way to make a living.
.By helping us  you will have helped feed 3,000,000 people  and help them grow their way to a brighter future .
Everyone is needed! Whether it’s coming to volunteer beside us or donating. Together we can be the difference 
Every dollar counts!!


Smaller is better as there’s no overhead and no board meetings. Just getting people back on their feet!!


Shelters International Disaster Response

“Rebuilding communities affected by disaster”
Laura Allan President

Shelters International Disaster Response 

16 Douglas Avenue, Langdon, Alberta





SIDRS is in desperate need for its own transport to get food, supplies and seed throughout Haiti.
 Rental fees are killing us
Please donate to help us help others



Update - Feb 2018

Puerto Rico

SIDRS has now delivered 1,350,000 meals to Puerto Rico and has partners on the ground distributing the food and the seed to all corners of the island!!

Below is Puerto Rico team and they’ve even started a soup kitchen!!


Baguette, Haiti

The community of Baguette is cut off from roads, leaving only a tiny foot path that takes hours to even seek medical attention..extremely poor fishing village without even a school. Boat access is always depending how rough the sea is. Knowing this place is remote and rarely sees any assistance if any. Sidr sent a team over to distribute food.

As we are distributing food and seed and tools here in Haiti. The time has come to get a reliable vehicle to reach communities further afield. Rentals are cost prohibitive and not an effective use of You, the donors, funds!! We have struggled for years renting pickups and using our motorcycles as much as possible  but now we have more to give and no economical way to deliver it.

We seriously need a pickup of our own so that we can do more!! Tree seedlings. Water purification systems and of course food.

And we can’t do it without you!!

Please donate!!






Update - December2017

Today I moved the last of the cargo to the staging area for shipment to Haiti. And also felt the joy and relief of seeing our 1,350,000 meals be shrink wrapped and immediately loaded on a container bound for Puerto Rico!! 

This shows the world how quickly small groups can be enormously effective in disaster relief!! I’m actually feeling quite emotional now that this food is loaded and on its way!! It’s been a long road and the humanity and kindness these folks have shown this wee Canadian grassroots gal is amazing. Endless gratitude and look forward to working together long term to make this world a bit better !!



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SIDR is delivering food and seed to those affected by #Irma #PuertoRico Help us spread the seed!!





We cannot do this work without help. There are a number of ways you can support our efforts.

The PayPal link will allow you to easily donate to our organization and we will issue Tax Receipts for these.

We also have need of supplies. Please contact us for the current list of items we need to help with the efforts 

Donations over $20 will receive a tax reciept


















It all began with Cyclone Sidr in Bangladesh,where we became involved in a shelters project. We recognized the importance of volunteers in a very specialized sector. As a result SIDR was born. Following Bangladesh, we went to Gonaive, Haiti in the wake of Hurricanes Ike and Hannah. There we assisted in the recovery process, including: the rehabilitation of over 300 wells, to using our expertise in safe site analysis for shelter projects, to latrine project design.

Haiti's earthquake had Sidr training crews and running several demolition crews to clear away sites. From there construction of over 750 climate resistant homes . We lead the way forward in training safe demolition and proper construction techniques both in Haiti and in the Philippines.

It is our mission to teach the locals with whom we work how to organize and implement a long term solution to natural disaster. 

We follow up each disaster by setting up livelihood projects that the people can rebuild their lives and move forward with.

Disaster response should always be all phases as Sidr shows throughout our projects!

 Our board consists of building contractors, engineer, water and sanitation experts, green building professionals, a doctor, and a child rights lawyer , and an agricultural expert on high yield farming on small plots. All dedicated volunteers.

Our volunteers come from all over the globe to assist and train the local community affected.. giving them hope and empower them for a brighter future.








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