Volunteering   with  us is an adventure!

This is the best opportunity   to see an indigenous people as they recover from adversity.   Below you will find  a list of common  questions that  people ask about travelling  to a disaster affected  area to lend a helping hand.

If you don't  see your question  below,  please contact  us

Section  1: Travel,  Food & Lodging

1. How do I get there?

Providing your own transportation   to our designated airport or port  entirely out of your own finances.  Unfortunately,  SIDR is unable to transport volunteers  around the world  as we are dedicated  to utilising our donations  to assist those in the affected  regions.

2. How do I live while Iím there?

$15.00 USD a day is the cost of your food supplies for your duration of stay. You must bring your own tent,  ground sheet,  and tarp. We strongly recommend following our checklist which is attached in this information   package.

3. Are there any travel requirements   or restrictions?

You are required to have a valid passport,   as well as be able to transverse American airspace. Please consult the embassy of the country SIDRs project is in to obtain the appropriate visas.

Section 2: Volunteer Requirements

1. Whatís the minimum   requirement   for volunteering? 
Volunteers are required  to stay a minimum  of 3 weeks as we would like to keep the continuity   in our training  program  for the locals. This makes a more memorable experience  for you as well.

2. What skills do I need?

Any one of the following skills are beneficial to our cause:

Water  and Sanitation
Good sense of humor!

Section 3: Health Requirements

1. Do I  need insurance?

For your own benefit,  travel  and health  insurance is STRONGLY  advised as going into any disaster affected  area is hazardous.  We require  hard and electronic  copies of your travel  and medical insurance as well as a full traveler's
medical report  which will contain   a full list of up-to-date
vaccinations  you have received.

2. What  vaccinations  do I  need?

We require  proof  of you receiving vaccinations  from  your doctor  in the form  of a Doctor's  Certification  or letter.  Below is a list of vaccinations  we require  you to have up to date for travel: Please see your travel clinic and they will advise which vaccinations are necessary as per country of deployment

Typhoid Hepatitis  A & B Tryex
Dukoral Tetanus Malaria
Japanese Encephalitis
Yellow Fever
All Routine Vaccinations

The conditions  can be hazardous and proper  safety precautions  must be observed  including  physical fitness and health.  Bucket showers are available and all drinking  water  is bottled.  For more medical information   about travelling, please visit www.cdc.gov.


Your checklist of requirements   in conclusion  to this FAQ is as follows:

      Valid International   Passport
       Ability  to Transverse American  Airspace
       Medical  Insurance
      Traveler's  Insurance
      Traveler's  Medical  Report
      Doctor's  Certification   Letter of Up-To-Date Vaccinations
      Skill set Applicable  to the Cause
      A Minimum  of 3 Weeks of your Time


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