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A message from our CEO and Founder:

Good day,

This is Laura Allan, the CEO for Shelters International  Disaster Response {SIDR).

SIDR is a 100% volunteer  operated and driven grass roots organization,  dedicated to getting
the maximum amount of help we can to the people that need it the most. There is no overhead for fancy SUV's or hotels for executives, just people with  heart doing the right thing.

I  would like to thank and congratulate  you for considering volunteering  with  us on the ground in some of the worst disaster areas that Mother  Nature has created.

SIDR began in Bangladesh with  Cyclone Sidr where we became involved in a shelters project. We recognized the importance  of volunteers  in a very specialized sector and as a result SIDR was born. Following Bangladesh we went to Gonaives, Haiti in the wake of Hurricanes Ike and Hannah, where we assisted in the recovery process rehabilitating  over 300 wells, using our expertise in safe site analysis for shelter projects, and latrine project design.

It is our mission to teach the locals with whom we work how to build earthquake, typhoon and flood  resistant homes and implement  a long term solution to natural disasters in the wash sector. Our board consists of building contractors,  engineers, water and sanitation  experts, sustainable housing professionals, a doctor as well as an agricultural  expert on high yield farming on small plots. All of them dedicated volunteers.

Our volunteers  come from all over the globe to assist and train the local community  affected, giving them hope and empowering  them for a brighter future.  Please go through this information  package as it will give you a basic understanding  of what is required to help out in these situations and with this information  you can decide if it is a good fit for you to continue on and join us.

Thank you so much for your time and help in this matter. See you on the ground!

Laura Allan
CEO and Founder of Shelters International  Disaster Response (SIDR)





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