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Moringa Oleifera is one of the most nutritious foods in the world. All parts of the tree can be used-the leaves, seed pods, seeds and roots. The leaves can be used fresh or dried. The oil made from the seed can be used for cooking. The seed husks can be used to purify water

While this tree does grow in Haiti already, it has been under utilized and not much education of this tree is known to Haitians

 We need your donations in order to set up irrigation, create catch basins for water, and provide the tools necessary to the villagers to make this project possible!

SIDR is starting small scale plantations which will involve everyone in each community creating shareholders of all participants as well as creating funding commitments for community infrastructure such as clinic, schools and electricity .Training in budget and marketing as well as teaching them how to export a quality product. Sustainable and long term solutions, SIDR style!!

 Please help us make lasting change by donating a tree or supplying the villagers with the tools needed. Together we can change how Haiti can thrive not just survive!!











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