Gardens for all


Haiti, the poorest country in the western hemisphere has been hardest hit by disaster. First with the earthquake that destroyed lives and livelihoods to recent droughts that have caused serious loss of crops. Malnutrition and famine is now what the people of Haiti face!

SIDR is now actively trying to change this by installing community gardens. Teaching companion planting and a technique called spin farming.

Introduction of new foods, such as broccoli, heritage strains of tomatoes, sweet corn vs cattle corn currently grown, cauliflower and melons, and many other vegetables. These foods were previously unattainable except for the wealthy.

Creating sustainable livelihoods as well as putting an end to hunger in the community. Part of the process includes installing a well so watering the garden is possible eliminating the problem of drought in food production. Training in packaging, marketing the new vegetables into grocery stores vs. the public market for these foods.

A complete project that improves Haitian lives in a sustainable fashion!



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