Project Bamboo







It has been just over 5 years since the earthquake hit Haiti, destroying lives and livelihoods.

SIDR has been active here throughout the whole recovery process, from reclamation to demolition and reconstruction.

In this time we have realized that most NGO's don't create long term relief or development for their workers. We are poignantly aware that when these NGO's pull out, the very people that they have employed are made victims when they lose their employment.

We have come back again to create an industry so that our workers can have long term sustainable employment.


Bamboo is a common and under utilized resource in Haiti.

It is environmentally sustainable and can be used for everything from speakers to furniture to building and sheathing houses and lasts five to six times longer than plywood in this climate.

Our project is to teach sustainable bamboo harvesting, processing and construction techniques to our workers  thereby giving them new skills and a long term livelihood.


We need your support for materials and tools to help get this project off the ground.



SIDR believes in the empowerment of women. They are usually the sole providers for their children.  Creating livelihoods that are sustainable has always been SIDRs mandate.

Project Bamboo was a success!! There is now an active group of single moms selling their own creations made from bamboo!!

From smart phone speakers to lamp shades to room dividers the women have taken control of their destiny!









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