Project Baguette







The community of Baquette is only a few kilometers from the town of Jacmel but is isolated by its geography.  It is a steep bowl of a valley rising from the ocean to a ridge 1000 meters above the sea. There are 340 households in the valley that survive by intermittent fishing and next to no agriculture. On top of this Haiti has been suffering for the past two years from extreme drought ,making life next to impossible !!

 There is no electricity, no clinic and no school.   Access is by boat only and many cannot afford the fare to cross .First is to create catchment basins so all rainwater and what the small creek has in order to create irrigation and water points , Next will be a community centre that can double as a clinic and as a school!!

 And in usual SIDR style we will assist by providing them with seed to make community gardens!

Please donate or consider volunteering with us on this much needed project!!







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