About Us

About Us

It all began with Cyclone Sidr in Bangladesh, where we became involved in a shelters project.

We recognized the importance of volunteers skilled in specialized sectors. As a result SIDR was born. Following Bangladesh, we went to Gonaive ,Haiti in the wake of hurricanes Ike and Hannah. There we assisted in the recovery process, including: the rehabilitation of nearly 300 wells providing clean water for thousands, to using our expertise in Safe Site analysis for shelter projects, to latrine project design and implementation. We have trained crews in proper construction techniques in disaster resilient homes in Haiti and in the Philippines post Bopha on Mindanao and on Leyte post Typhoon Haiyan.

It is our mission to teach and train locals with whom we work how to organize and implement long term solutions to surviving the next natural disaster. Creating long term sustainable livelihoods after the relief phase is done. So that the communities are brought past the recovery phase and are self sufficient.

SIDR is 100% volunteer ran, we all pay our own way to so that every dollar goes where its needed.. in the hands of those who need it most!!


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